Welcome to Calvary Baptist Church online! For over 60 years our sanctuary has stood at the intersection of U.S. Highway 70 and Lynn Road in Durham, North Carolina, the steeple rising high into the air. Throughout those years, passing motorists could catch a glimpse of a building and a sign. Truth is, there is so much more to Calvary Baptist Church than just being “the big church on the hill”!

The church is more accurately defined by the people who worship, learn and serve there! Walking into Calvary Baptist is a wonderful experience one recent worshiper described as “coming home”. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.  The people gathered there are genuinely enthusiastic about being together to study the Bible, to pray, to sing God’s Praises, and to hear the message of God’s Word proclaimed. Ministry leaders offer opportunities for service that are creative and fun!

The congregation is diverse in age, color, and origin and this is a comfort to those who come.

We are so glad that you have made your way to our website! We hope you enjoy your ‘tour’! Just remember, you may have searched our Name, but its all God’s Domain!